March 26, 2014

My birthday book wish list!

I know ... I said I wouldn't buy any more books after my last huge book haul. God knows I don't need more of them clogging up valuable space on my shelves - but if shelves weren't made for books, what were they made for? I'll be turning thirty-two this coming May and what better way to celebrate than by creating another classic film-inspired wish list? I don't do parties and I don't do birthday cake. But I do do presents (especially if said presents are books - and makeup).

Here are some books I've had my eye on recently and I can't wait to add them to my collection come birthday-time!

Fireball: Carole Lombard and the Mystery of Flight 3 by Robert Matzen -- We all know how Carole Lombard's life ended: on her way home from a hugely successful war bond-selling tour, in a fiery plane crash in the Potosi Mountains in Nevada, USA. Lombard, her mother, and twenty other poor souls instantly lost their lives that evening and plenty of speculation has been made regarding weather conditions, the pilot's inexperience, and the fact that Lombard and husband Clark Gable had separated prior to the plan crash.

I'm excited to read this book because I'm anxious to see whether it'll shed more light on the horrific accident that claimed the life of one of Hollywood's brightest stars. I've always been a great admirer of Lombard's and I'm always eager to gobble up any tidbit of news concerning her life and career, so when I heard this book was coming out, I started counting my cash! Have any of you read this book already? What did you think of it?
Ann Dvorak: Hollywood's Forgotten Rebel by Christina Rice -- This biography has been on my wish list since Christmas 2013 (really, waiting so long to nab a book shouldn't ever be allowed). Written by the most fabulous librarian in the world, @christinarice on Twitter, this is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. I suspect there are already many of you who have already read it and loved it - if you have, please tell me about it in the comments section down below!

Granted I've only seen one of Dvorak's films before - the utterly fantastic pre-code Three On A Match (1932) - I feel like I wanna know more about her. That one performance of hers was so bloody dynamic and heart-breaking that I literally couldn't tear my eyes away from her. She totally stole the film from her co-stars Bette Davis and Joan Blondell (not an easy task to accomplish by any means) and walked away with the picture. I cannot WAIT to get stuck into this book!
Hollywood Enigma: Dana Andrews by Carl Rollyson -- SWOON. This man makes me melt. I don't even know where to begin with this one. Maybe I should just cut and paste heart-eyed emojis in this here slot ... I'm really trying very hard to suppress my inner fangirl right now ...

Moving quickly on! Dana Andrews; the suave film noir favourite of the masses. He's the sort of dude that slinks through the shadows wearing a fedora and fixing you with a steely stare until your knees buckle and you confess everything in a pathetic heap of tears and cold sweat. Boy, that was quite the vision, wasn't it? Devastatingly handsome with a sexy-as-hell voice, what more could you ask for in a classic noir film star? If I'm lucky enough to pick this book up, it'll be the first Andrews biography I read. Have there been many others? If there have, I haven't come across any. I feel like not enough people know who he is and that needs to be remedied pronto!

The Searchers: The Making of an American Legend by Glenn Frankel -- This is the film that turned me onto classic westerns. Without having watched it last year I'd still be against hunkering down for two hours to watch men on horses in the American southwest, fighting for cattle and whatnot.

I posted a Holy Moly Discovery blog post in its honour [here] right after having seen it for the first time. It was beautiful. It was gripping. It was exciting. I immediately understood why The Searchers (1956) had such a devoted fan following and why it is often ranked as one of the best films ever made. Now I'm dying to know more about it. That's why I want to read this book. I didn't even know it had been released - I just stumbled upon it a few days ago whilst browsing Amazon! In a matter of a few seconds, I had added this baby to my wish list and that was that. No questions asked and certainly no regrets!

And there you have it - my 2014 birthday wish list (category: books)! Please let me know if you think there is anything else I should add to it! I'm always open to suggestions! Also, if you've read any of the books I spoke about here, let me know what you thought of them - the good, the bad, the ugly, everything! If there is a book I would choose to recommend to you, it would be Eve Golden's recent biography of John Gilbert. I really enjoyed that one and spoke about it here! Now, get reading!


  1. I remember violinist Isaac Stern say many years ago that he gave up his seat on that airplane for Carole Lombard. I’m wondering if that’s mentioned in the book.

    1. I remember hearing or reading the same thing actually ... my goodness, can you imagine how he must have felt after he received word of the crash??

  2. there is a nice musical with ann dvorak called, "sweet music" with rudy vallee and a great production number called, "farethewell annabelle" great song, great production number. You would have to know something about coal powered trains, tunnels to really appreciate it instead of thinking it is racism


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