January 25, 2014

Fantasyland! If Gary Cooper was my boyfriend ...

Fantasyland! is a new concept here at Stardust. Consider this my outlet for living out my classic-film infused fantasies and dreams. First on the list of things to imagine in all it's glorious-ness: If Gary Cooper was my boyfriend ...

If Gary Cooper was my boyfriend:
  • I'd keep an entire dresser drawer stocked full of frilly underthings from Agent Provocateur,
  • there would be no need to keep a baseball bat near the front door because if anyone ever dared to break into our home, Coop would pummel him with his manly fists,
  • I'd hop onto a stool every time we wanted to kiss (you know, 'cause dude is really TALL),
  • my friends would all be really jealous of me,
  • we'd buy a dog and name it Yorkie (in tribute to one of Coop's best roles, Sergeant Alvin C. York in Sergeant York (1941),
  • who am I kidding? I'd stare at his bum all day long,
  • I'd finally learn how to cook and like it, just for him,
  • I'd force him to invite frequent co-stars Walter Brennan and Barbara Stanwyck over to our house at least five times a week for nibbles and storytime,
  • we'd dress up in our finest tuxes and ball gowns, put on our crows, and pretend to rule over the land of Hollywood every evening while we sip chilled champagne from Myrna Loy's slipper 'cause that's just how we roll.

I must say that I feel a hundred times more jovial after having written this first Fantasyland! post. Tell me, what would you do if Gary Cooper was your boyfriend (gentlemen, don't be shy)! Leave me a comment below.


  1. Excellent choices! I already love to cook, but I guess I'd have to learn how to iron all those tuxedos. Actually no, I would have someone come in like twice a week to do that stuff.

    Hmm... I would definitely borrow that stool of yours, and also harmlessly annoy him once every two weeks, just because he looks so hot when he's mad.

    Loving this Fantasyland feature, truly fun!

    1. Oh yes, with Coop's money you could definitely hire some help to do the chores for you ;)

  2. A nice blog for cool January! It made me smile, for sure. Now you've got me thinking. What if Hedy Lamarr was my girlfriend?!

    1. Oh man, she was gorgeous! And vastly intelligent to boot! The perfect woman :)

  3. Fun post! Gary Cooper is one of my great loves too!

    1. Hands off - he's mine! :P

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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